Same Day Tubs

Read Our Frequently Asked Questions Carefully

To refinish means to give something a new surface. Refinishing involves removing the existing finish--which may involve use of a chemical stripper, sanding, then staining, painting, and finishing.

Clean the area, examine area to determine if repairs are needed, remove old finish, sanding, chemical stripper, seal area, apply primer, apply coatings of painting, caulking.

A bathtub refinishing takes 3-4 hours in total, bathtub and tiles take 5-6 hours, kitchen cabinets refinishing take 3-4 days in total.

It can last a lifetime with proper care.

We use the best quality ingredients to ensure the best quality and lasting results. We use Hawk Labs painting.

Yes, we have a 1-year warranty on workmanship and materials using the approved cleaners we will recommend to you.

You can choose any color of your choice. The standard colors are: white, almond, biscuit, koehler white. Other colors have a small additional fee on quote.

It takes 24-48 hours for it to dry.

You save a lot of money and time by refinishing instead of replacing.

The price depends on many factors such as size, repairs needed, color, etc. We can confirm once we have seen the areas with pictures.

First we will ask you to send us pictures of the areas you would like to refinish, then we will provide a quote and afterwards we can schedule an appointment to do the work.

No, this is a professional procedure and must be done by professionals only. The chemicals used are strong and require experience.

You can expect a smell when we are spraying and for the first couple of hours. You can be inside the house, but if possible, it's best to be outside or in a room that is far away so the smell doesn't bother you.

Yes, we will provide care instructions for the refinished areas. You can't use harsh chemicals.